A space made for giants

Anaïs Héraud — Till Baumann

in: Surveillance and Visibility, Month of Performance Art - Berlin, Funkhaus.
24 May 2014

A Space made for Giants - a collaboration between Anaïs Héraud and Till Baumann

"Surveillance, Visibility and Invisibility" featured artists that work within Funkhaus, the former GDR Radio Headquarters in Berlin, an old rich site-specific context, tackling ideas of privacy and institution, the visible versus the invisible, and the notion of being seen by the unseen.
What conception of the human and social body did the architects have when they imagined this building? Was it even a criteria? Is it possible to habit the space in any other way than a ghost?
Our performance is an attempt of presence in a space made for giants.
An attempt to be seen, not to be observed.
An attempt to be heard, not to be intercepted.
With this project, we are continuing our investigation on sonic images and the relation between experimental sounds and living images.
(Anaïs Héraud/Till Baumann)

photo credit: Alex Slota - video credit: Katie Lee Dunbar