Compulsion - Attaque (colab)

Anaïs Héraud — Till Baumann

at: Reflektor 2, Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin-Mitte.
6 December 2013

Compulsion-Attaque is a research on the language of social and political activism. I investigate the complexity of the affects that goes through the body in situations of tension in demonstrations. I'm focused on emotions generated by two different types of violence that go through the body. One is defined "Compulsion", which is a type of violence that is contained in the body and "Attaque" which is the expression of its saturation. I collect banners, flags and memories in demonstrations that will generate a narration in movement, activated by the action of the body and the spectator's gaze. (Anaïs Héraud)

photo credit: Rasa Urnieziute- video credit: Mathilde Walter